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21 years ago, a small Irish boy named Niall James Horan was born. He liked to roam the fields of Ireland, in a tractor sometimes. He liked to eat potatoes, and stew, and he liked to dance. Oh, did that boy love to dance. And as the years went on, Niall became a very talented Irish dancer. And Niall is 21 years old today. So if you’re out in the United States of America tonight, please be careful, and watch out, because he loves beer, and he will be very, very dangerous. So keep an eye out. Will you please all join me to sing happy birthday to our very own Irish son, Niall James Horan, while he Irish jigs? … Welcome to Niall’s birthday party, thank you so much for being here. There’s an after party at Niall’s house, we’ll see you there! Harry Styles, 9/13/14  (via motelstyles)

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Lorde won a Grammy before she graduated high school. 

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"define proud"


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when people are offended by nudity like have you seen whats under your clothes

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